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Lynn Rogers responds to Mike Brown being elected Kansas GOP Chair

“With the election of Mike Brown as the Kansas GOP Party Chair, they’ve made their bed and must lie down in the conspiracy laden nightmare of their own making,” said Lynn Rogers – former Lt. Gov and State Treasurer, now candidate for Kansas Democratic Party Chair.

Kansans face an entirely different Republican Party than the one of just 20 years ago – Mike Brown, who has spread election conspiracies, invoked violence in response to political disagreements, made it clear that he has no hesitation in advancing the most extreme version of the Far Right attacks on teachers, schools, Kansas LGBTQ Families, and our communities, is now in control of the Kansas GOP and all the money, power, and political influence that goes with that role.

“Now is when we recognize that we need the Kansas Democratic Party to be stronger and more effective than it has been in years,” said Rogers. “That means building real infrastructure across the state to support candidates up and down the ballot: helping with school boards, KSLeg, Congressional and Statewide campaigns.

“We need a team that can raise the money, bring our allies to the table, galvanize our volunteers and make KS Dems the real answer to the extremism that the GOP has become.

“I know many Kansans who feel the Republican Party has left them behind – now is the time to show them that Democrats have been working to steer Kansas towards economic growth and stability and we invite all disenfranchised Republicans and Independents to join us.”